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What is Yolka?

It provides the opportunity to follow up with which customer the sales representatives are in the sales process, whether they actually go to that customer or not.

With Yolka, you can measure the productivity of both the employee and the target by examining the positions of the field workers, checking their work and the data generated.

Yolka is a tool used to perform and manage your entire sales process, from the first contact of your field staff to the potential customer until the completion of the sale. It helps you to increase your efficiency and profit rate and to dominate your region like never before. It is extremely difficult to be the leader of the market alone, especially in field sales and direct sales. However, sales tracking software helps you with this. Because while providing you with more customer opportunities, it allows you to save time and get information about your daily work more regularly and in a shorter time.

So what are the signs that your company needs the Yerlem Yolka module?

Let's think about the answers to these questions with you.

  • On average, how many visits do we make to a customer to make a sale?
  • Where is my team? Who is currently actively visiting?
  • How much fuel is burned for which sale?
  • How much sales does each employee generate from how many visits?
  • Can we follow the field workers instantly on the map?
  • Who are our forgotten and overlooked customers?
  • Which customers are our priority and which are not?

  • If we cannot answer one or more of these questions, it means that we are managing sales activities based on sentiment, not data.

    Sales efficiency; The number of visits per customer depends on various criteria such as the sales report of the day and time spent on non-sales activities, fuel spent. You can find answers to all these questions with Yerlem Yolka.

    If you can't follow up, your sales targets will be incomplete.

    Location Yolka; It helps you solve all problems such as inefficient processes, lack of foresight, limited time or expenses in the wrong areas, instant violations, mission routing and fuel tracking. It speeds things up if your sales representative uses modern methods instead of getting lost in the papers. If 5 visits are made in a day with traditional methods, your number of trips can increase to 10, maybe even 20, thanks to the use of software. Marketing software ensures you have the right information and analytics to view customer data and identify where the problem lies. You don't have to worry about data loss thanks to your real-time recordings.


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    About Us

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